TUD x Mike Tyson

Limited edition collectable art piece The Boxing Duck

295 000₽

The real Iron Misfit. Authentic. Limited.

1000 copies only
Official collab with Mike Tyson
NFC verification tag

Perfect Match with Mike Tyson

I am the Ugly Duck from Brownsville who never imagined that once I could punch my way into a better life and fight to grow from nothing to greatness.

Collaboration with TUD is an expressive embodiment of my life experiences, and philosophy.

Fits wherever it sits.


As a child Mike couldn’t find his place anywhere: too clumsy,
too timid, too intimidated —
all the “too” whatevers.

Duck that rolls
with the punches.

TUD’s legs are stabilized with an in-built additional weight. Dogs, children and party people having fun or messing around are never a threat to your precious art piece.

How much is the duck? Appreciate the true scale.

Size M
23.6 inch (60 cm)
3.5 kg
ABS / recycled plastic
3 mm

The first boxing duck.

Iron texture as a dedication
to you know who
One of the fragments
featuring the legendary fight
The ring’s red lines as the
limitations to strive within

Iconic collectables.
The first & new favorites.

NFC-chip. Authenticity & beyond.


Confirmation of your TUD’s undisputed originality
Special flock.
Closed creators community access
Ultimate pass.
Pass to special TUD events around the world

Put your phone next to the back of the duck head.

NFC allows to make sure your duck is the only one & only yours.

Ultimate unpacking


Iron Duck Pack: your TUD comes safe & sound in an ultra durable transportation packaging that protects all the goodies.

Сollectible Package
Goodies inside
Transportation box

Interaction details.

Do not disassemble
the duck

Avoid contact with water and humidity over 40%

Do not leave in direct sunlight above 30°C (86°F)

Transport the duck in its original foam & package

Wipe with
supplied cloth

The art piece is composed of several parts

The Boxing Duck

One of the 1000 limited
edition flock.

295 000₽